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2014 World Premiere of Conrad Askland’s Romeo and Juliet the musical.

Free video showing of RJ musical premiere

Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015 will be a free video showing of the Romeo and Juliet musical premiere run at the Lincoln Theatre, Mount Vernon, WA.

This video was recorded on February 14, 2015 in a three camera shoot – the audio has been mixed and mastered. It will run full without edits and will include an intermission.

Free and open to the public. A way to say thank you to our Pacific Northwest theatre friends that provided such tremendous support for this new production. Thank you!

RJ 2015 Costume Designs

RJ 2015 costume designs by Y’honatan Frakes-Helland. C.L. Askland’s Romeo and Juliet the musical is set in the original time period of the late 16th century.


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RJ 2015 Program


Program for the world premiere of Askland’s Romeo and Juliet the musical, Jan. 30 – Feb. 15, 2015 at the Historic Lincoln Theatre in Mount Vernon, WA.

Download complete RJ 2015 pdf program:
Romeo & Juliet the musical – Program 2015

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RJ 2015 Review is in – “Spectacular”

RJ 2015 Review

The official review for Romeo and Juliet the musical is in! Thank you to long time Pacific Northwest reviewer Christopher Key for taking the time to review our show.

Here is the review:

“Well worth the drive”
“a truly revolutionary work”
“brilliantly bawdy”
“terrific orchestra”
“Askland’s music defies labeling and we are all richer for that”

Bellingham Herald 1.28.15 – Romeo Juliet Musical


New musical showcases Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of love

The Bellingham Herald
January 28, 2015

Bellingham’s Dylan Kane, 24, says he auditioned for the production of “Romeo and Juliet: The Musical” on a whim.

“I received news of the audition only days before and had virtually no time to prepare for it,” he says. “I almost did not attend auditions for this very reason, but after hearing a sample of the music that was provided to me and meeting the production crew and the other people who were auditioning, it became clear to me that I had to do this.”

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Cascadia Weekly Cover Story 1.22.15 – Romeo and Juliet the musical


A big HUZZAH thank you to writer Amy Kepferle and the Cascadia Weekly for featuring C.L. Askland’s Romeo and Juliet the musical as their cover story in the January 21, 2015 issue.

By Amy Kepferle · Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Cascadia Weekly –

Original Article:

Romeo and Juliet

Conrad Askland scores a classic

Anyone who’s familiar with the plot of Romeo & Juliet, William Shakespeare’s timeless tale of young love gone horribly awry, knows in advance that things don’t end well for the titular teens—who eventually decide they’d rather be dead than live without each other.

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RJ Audio Tech: Actor Mic Setup

Audio tech information for actor microphone setup for C.L. Askland’s Romeo and Juliet the musical.

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RJ rehearsal photos January 2015

January 2015 sitzprobe and rehearsal photos for Romeo and Juliet the musical!


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Director’s Notes on Romeo and Juliet the musical


It never ceases to amaze me.  There you are in the auditorium, and here we are, getting ready to perform a play that’s been running for 400 years.  If you put yourself in a time capsule, I suspect you would emerge to find this show performing at a theater in 2415.  (I hope it’s the Lincoln).  And if you were to ask people why they came, the reasons will be familiar.  We love the romance and mystery of a bygone era.  We love to ponder the great recurring questions the Bard poses about human nature and the element of tragedy.  We secretly hope that the message will get through this time, or that she’ll wake up sooner, or that the fathers will relent. Most of all, we love this play. That’s why I chose to direct.  I’m a theater fan first and last, and I’ve just got to see Romeo and Juliet performed with music composed by Conrad Askland, a timeless story told with the help of the universal language.

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Composer Notes on Romeo and Juliet the musical


When META asked me to write a musical based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet my first order of business was to find the traditional musical version set to the bard’s original words as a starting point. I was shocked, and am still shocked, to find that there is none. In over 400 years no one has created an enduring musical theater version using only Shakespeare’s original text.

As I did my personal cold reading of Shakespeare’s original text I was also shocked to find that the language did not seem distant to me. It did not feel like language of a dead era. It felt very contemporary, accessible and vibrant. For my taste, there was no need to “update” Shakespeare’s original work. The epic task at hand, a game of sorts, was to keep the original era from the Romeo and Juliet world premiere around 1597 and to set it to music using only Shakespeare’s original text.

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