RJ Audio Tech: Actor Mic Setup

Audio tech information for actor microphone setup for C.L. Askland’s Romeo and Juliet the musical.

  1. Juliet – Katherine Fisher
  2. Romeo – Dylan Kane
  3. Friar Laurence – Joe Johnson
  4. Nurse – Lindsey Bowen
  5. Lord Capulet – Peter Whited
  6. Lady Capulet – Karen Pollack
  7. Benvolio – Alex Hollingsworth
  8. Paris – Waylon Johnson
  9. Tybalt – Nate Wheeler
  10. Mercutio – Mike M. Marlin Jr.
  11. Prince Escalus – Bruce Weech
  12. Corpse Master – Joe Bowen
  13. Lord Montague – Brandon Taitano
  14. ACT ONE:  Lady Montague – Tammy Lanphere – ACT TWO: Apothecary – Mark Sampson
  15. ACT ONE: Peter and Gregory (one actor for both roles) – Megan Harris – ACT TWO: Balthasar – Alexa Lane
  16. ACT ONE: Abram – Derek Laird – ACT TWO: Page to Paris – Moses Marlin
  17. If available: ACT ONE: Opening spoken prologue: Claire Forsberg – ACT TWO: Chief Watchman – Mark Cronin


Two characters may recite the original RJ opening Prologue before the Overture. Approximately 45 seconds. In this production will be Alexa Lane and Claire Forsberg.

#17 – Chief Watchman – has yelling lines in final scene right after Juliet’s death.

In Act Two “banishment” scene with Friar Laurence and Romeo, they may yell lines loudly, particularly in first half of scene. Check this with FOH audio so there’s no distortion.

In general, Romeo will sing with a light bell tone voice, so would recommend some compression. He needs to heard over the orchestra with a light tone so we depend on the microphone amplification for this.


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